Grief is hard. Learning about loss helps.

The following presentations can be 1 or 2 hours in length, and are appropriate for conferences, school counselors,hospice and funeral professionals, graduate classes, medical and mental health professionals, grieving families and faith communities.

Presentations provided by the founder of Learning About Loss, Jade Richardson Bock.

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Grieving Children, Grieving Families
The 4 Tasks, Adult Grief and Kid Grief (for clinicians and/or adult caregivers of bereaved youth)

Addressing Vicarious Trauma
Self-care for professionals working with a traumatized population.

Addressing Burnout - Beyond Bon Bons and Bubble Baths

For social-profit employees and others in “helping” professions.

Anticipatory Grief
Terminal illness stresses a family unit before the death, yet there is no genuine preparation for the pain of the loss. Insight into navigating this perplexing and heart-rending time. For medical and mental health professionals, hospice workers, faith communities and grieving families.

Supporting Grieving Students
What to say, what not to say, and talking about loss in the classroom. For educators and school counselors at elementary, middle and high school levels.

How to Notify of a Death
A sticky note on the next-of-kin’s door is not the answer. For medical professionals, first responders and chaplains.

“I’ve just read the students’ reflections on your presentation. Please know you really touched their hearts and got them thinking. They all seem to understand how important it is to provide honest and loving support to children after they’ve lost a loved one. They all learned so much, and I know what you shared will truly impact their lives.”

— DEATH AND DYING PROFESSOR, University of New Mexico

“I wanted to thank you again for the outstanding presentation you gave to the Grief and Loss class at NMHU. The information was excellent and very well received by all…it is good to know individuals like you and your organization exist in our community.”



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