About Us

Learning About Loss is a collection of resources and contributors dedicated to answering your questions about grief, providing practical information for adults, teens, families and professionals working with those who are grieving.

Grief – a word for the feelings we feel when we lose something important to us – is a normal reaction to an abnormal event.  Death is the end of life, but “out of order deaths” are particularly hard.  Parents losing young children, young children losing parents and siblings can ease the pain of their journey by learning about loss. 

At www.learningaboutloss.com you can send in your specific questions where they will be answered by a variety of experts and those with personal experience in surviving and thriving after “out of order” deaths.  Access our Good Grief Advice archives and learn what others are struggling with and what has helped them.

At www.learningaboutloss.com book trainings for professionals and adults who encounter bereaved children and families and are looking for guidance in creating a supportive environment for grieving folk.  Schools, universities, faith communities, hospitals and hospices can all benefit from Learning About Loss. 

Our Founder

Learning About Loss was founded by Jade Richardson Bock. As the executive director of the Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico for over a decade, Ms. Bock is passionate about supporting children, families and communities in times of profound loss.

Under her leadership, the Children’s Grief Center was awarded the first Non-Profit of the Year award in Crisis Resources. In 2016 Ms. Bock received the “CNM Distinguished Alumni Award,” and in 2014 was named one of Albuquerque’s top “Forty under 40” Executives by Albuquerque Business First. In 2012 She was honored as a Woman of Influence for her work in supporting bereaved families. In 2008 Ms. Bock accepted the “Distinguished Contribution to New Mexico Families Award” from the New Mexico Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Ms. Bock has spent hundreds of hours facilitating grief support groups with children, teens, young adults, and their adult caregivers – but her most meaningful and poignant education on how families grieve began at age 17 when her father was killed in a plane crash.